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Putting community back in the community centre

Moving the Early Years Centre into the Rainy River community centre is in our view a move that could not have come sooner.
The taxpayers of Rainy River built the community centre. Many citizens volunteered thousands of hours to put the buildings up and for decades the buildings were used a lot.
In recent years dances in the arena have been more a faded memory and it has only been the last couple where major events like the Chamber’s trade show have sparked new life in there.
Having a huge facility that sits unused is in our view a crime in itself. And recently the building has been victimized by thieves breaking in.
Having the Early Years Centre in there brings the community back into the community centre. It will also provide better security for the place as there will be people around there more frequently.
It could be the first step towards centralizing even more services like EYC that are at the heart of what makes this a community.