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Surveillance cameras could catch the vandals

It seems some people do not have anything better to do with their time.
Last Wednesday night someone or more than likely a bunch of someones, hauled sand from the park sandbox to the kiddie pool.
The pool just opened the previous Friday after town employees pressure-washed it.
Now it was completely covered with muck.
Someone also stole two flags and burned one of them at the park.
Recently the community centre was broken into for the umpteenth time.
What possesses people to do such senseless things?
Walter Wagner told the Record they have received price quotes for surveillance cameras at the centre. Perhaps it should be looked at for the park as well.
Deputy Mayor Gerry Marchuk swears the town is going to catch the vandals.
Their actions cost us all money... both in repairs and in the case of the pool having to start from scratch cleaning it again.
Cameras would be cheaper than the alternative.