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Can’t we have Hwy. 621 fixed?

Dear Editor,
I am writing to you today to address a long standing issue that the people that live on HWY. 621 must live with, I am wondering why we canít get our roads repaired.
I have lived out here for 22 years and in that time I have seen very little work done from Sleeman to Morson, mind you last summer did the trick and they repaired the damage done by the storm.
We are a Tourist Area and the first thing we do to them is pound the heck out of them on the road. I have had Guestís say that the lake was smoother than the road out here.
Many Rainy River People have Cabins out here, and have to travel on these roads, a lot of the time you are pulling Boat Trailers, or Campers, you all Know what I am talking about, the smoothest parts of the road is now the 2 new bridges that were put in 2 years ago and in doing so the heavy equipment that was used further damaged our roads.
The section from Big Grassy Reserve through to the Government Dock is so full of Frost heaves and Pot holes that have been patched up so often, that there are sections of it that are strait pot holes, the road just past Gill’s Shopping Center has a section that throwís cars in the ditch (3 in the past Month) if the driver is unaware that the road has a frost heave right at that bend in the road.
I have made the comment for years that if a Police Officer was in a Cruiser behind me, he would probably think that I was intoxicated, because that is how you have to drive down Hwy 621 , to avoid the potholes and the dips and dives in the road.
Please take the time to write to your M.P. and lets see if we can get something done so that all the people who enjoy the Lake Of The Woods Area do not have to be Pounded to death before they get to enjoy the Lake.
Thank You
Mrs Donna Moen
a resident at the end of 621