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Two great historical influences revisited

Queen Mum’s the word.
Over the weekend the world was surprised to hear about the death of the “Queen Mum.”
While she was 101, so many times in the past ten years or so people thought she was going to pass away.
But being the resilient woman she was, she always bounced back, whether it was from hip replacement or illness. She always got right back at her daily duties of visiting with the people her daughter has reigned over for half a century.
Perhaps that was her most endearing quality, that she seemed genuinely interested in the lower classes. She will be sadly missed by so many generations having witnessed everything from the appearance of automobiles to space travel, she has seen so much.
Another great member of history was a part of this year’s Easter weekend. Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s rise to power was portrayed in a CBC television movie.
While he did not live as long as the Queen Mum, Trudeau definitely had a profound impact on all Canadians lives.
It is amazing how little kids grow up to be such amazing icons and influences in our lives.
Thanks for the memories Queen Mum and P.M. Trudeau. Your legacies will live on long into the future.
–Until then,