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Americans care little our discomfort

Letter to the Editor
It’s mid-term election year in the ‘States. A third of the Senate seats and the entire House of Representatives are up for grabs and politically little else matters.
Canadian displeasure over high tariffs on softwood lumber count for little compared with votes to be gained in American lumber producing states. Boycott American goods? Threaten to abrogate the Free Trade Agreement? Rant and rave in the Canadian media? All a waste of time and energy better spent in playing the game their way.
Without doubt races that’ll be close this November are already known and being constantly polled. The most effective pressure that can be brought to bear? Informing American consumers in key Congressional Districts and States that the extra building costs they’re paying are because of tariffs ... with the benefit flowing to U.S. Lumber Barons!
American voters care little about Canada’s discomfort. Having them accept they’re being ripped off through an effective media campaign and begin turning against the Republicans and the President will respond.
Bet on it.
Yours truly,
Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls, Ontario