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Should we be taking a nap at work?

As I sit down to write this column I find myself having a great big yawn.
On Saturday I attended a day long seminar on multitasking and time management. The instructor informed us that Canada and the United States are two of the few countries in the world where mandatory naps or siestas are not a part of the work day.
Some places have 15 minute power-naps built into the day while other places like Mexico shut everything down for as long as two hours every afternoon. The idea being it helps workers to recharge their batteries and are usually more productive after a nap.
Then on Monday I heard on the radio that many other industrialized countries have legislated holidays that would make our vacation schedule seem small and the U.S. one even smaller. Some countries have made it law that employees must have at least 4 and in some cases 6 weeks of paid holidays per year. Some of them also make it mandatory that there are at least 2 weeks off at Christmas.
So are we doing things the right way in North America? Is there a reason why stress and other health problems are so prevalent in our society?
Perhaps I need to take a break or a nap to think about this issue.
–Until then,
resting Ken