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Help us sort out the weather

Ken Johnston

Metric or Imperial? That is the question... or perhaps both?

Two weeks ago we started running a three day forecast on the front page of the paper. Just about everyone that has commented on it gave us positive reinforcement that it was a great thing to do.

However there was a number of you that said we should have the temperatures in metric, not imperial.

It seems that our government in the 1970s managed to mix many of us up. I am one of those Imperial Metric babies that grew up for a few years learning the Standard Imperial system and then like pulling a rug from under my feet the government decided we should be a metric country and all I had learned had to be relearned.

While I understand metric quite well, some of that early learning was never really erased. I still convert kilometres to miles and measure everything in inches. I also buy my meat by the pound as well as my potatoes.

As for temperatures I found the most difficulty making the transition from old to the new. Part of it is a mind-set, the rest is just me. While I know 30°C is hot it just sounds better when you hear 85°F for a high. Hearing 47°F for a low is now nearly as painful as hearing 4°C. Now I know that for about 20 years the kids were taught nothing but metric.

Then the federal government backed off its metric position and said stores could use both systems or one or the other.

Here we do not have sophisticated weather radar systems. But just on the other side of the border they do. We can get accurate weather forecasts, but in fahrenheit. So the dilemma is, do we convert it? or just offer fahrenheit? or both?

You be the judge. Vote in our on line poll at today.

The majority’s choice will be what we use as a guide, beginning next week.

–Until then,