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What if the shoe were on your foot vandals/thieves?

Well with the arrival of warmer weather another thing has arrived... vandalism and theft.
Last week a Third St. resident had 60 feet of white rope lights stolen from their yard. It was a Christmas display that he and his family were just waiting for the snow to melt to take down.
Then over the weekend young people were witnessed pulling down the white rope lights the Town purchased as the first step of a Christmas lighting program to have Hannam Park lit up over the holidays.
Now that the snow and colder weather is gone the destruction of public property has returned. Why must some young people commit such heinous acts?
What do they do all winter? They must find other things to keep themselves busy in the winter.
What would happen if they vandalized their parents' property rather than town property?
How would the vandals feel if it was their own prized possessions getting wrecked or stolen? Try putting the shoe on your foot vandals and thieves. See if you like it.
It is sad that in a town of 1,000 people that we may have to resort to putting cameras up all over town to keep this senselessness from continuing.
Enough is enough. More and more people are going to be watching what goes on out there in our streets.
You know who you are and you will get caught and you will pay for your crimes.