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Wrath of Mother Nature

Be careful what you wish for!
I have heard that saying many times over the years and in the past week or two I have heard many people wishing for rain.
Well I think too many people must have had their wishes granted Sunday and Monday as the rain began and did not know when to stop.
Several inches of rain and a couple of power outages saw run-offs head for yards when ditches were full and eventually into basements.
So many people were just getting the use of their basements back after last year’s freaky weather on July 31st. Now it is back to square one.
So why are we getting such weird weather? The winter was mild and there was hardly any snow. Then spring was cool and late in getting started. Then boom, we get all the rain we should have received in the winter in two days.
I have heard some people say they feel the increased harshness of the rain storms of last year and this week is a direct result of increased clear cutting of the forests. They say the trees protected us from the lake effects and with the trees gone we are facing the wrath of Mother Nature.
–Until then,