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The true spirit of family

It is often said that families only get together on special occasions or perhaps to mourn a loss. But last week the Rainy River family got together in a way that I have only seen once before; during the flood efforts of 1997.
When the town declared a State of Emergency this time, the public again came out in droves to help fortify the town.
Some manned shovels, some held bags. Others hauled and placed the bags. Others prepared meals to feed the army of volunteers. Others still donated money and others took charge and lead us through what could only be considered a very stressful situation for everyone living in the flood plain.
While people were worried there was a sense of almost enjoyment around the sand piles. People laughed, chatted, and even composed songs about buying a sandbag machine.
People’s muscles ached the second day and yet they still came out in strong numbers and worked into the night. Their spirits were a true testament to the character our family and its extended family has; the extended being all those souls who came from outside of Rainy River to help protect the town from the rising river.
Together we can do anything but we should do more things together, more often.
–Until then,