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Swatting, spraying, zapping and scratching

What’s buggin' you?
Chances are the mosquitoes are bugging you and if they aren’t you must not be going outside at all.
There were hardly any of the little buggers just ten days ago. In fact I sat out on my deck just two Friday’s ago until after dark and there was hardly a one to swat.
Then all hell broke loose last week. Since the water couldn’t successfully launch a wet offensive into Rainy River the strategy shifted to an air assault.
Tons of standing water in the park, ditches and creeks around the area ment it was only a matter of time before mosquitoes began hatching. The problem is that mosquito eggs can lay dormant for years. Then when high waters the likes we have only seen a few times in our history comes along and boom out hatches waves of the blood sucking attack copters
At one point last week they were so thick that they were biting in the hottest of sunny areas, something that they normally would not do. Sales of bug spray and mosquito coils are booming with most area stores either running low or out of the good stuff... you know... Deep Woods.
I myself have been using my bug zapper steadily since the invasion over the dike began and spraying down with Deep Woods. Sure I may not smell that good but at least the bugs aren’t getting the best of me; at least not yet. With the continued heat and no rain we may be lucky and see some reprieve from the assault, but until then we will be swatting, spraying, zapping and likely scratching like crazy.
–Until then,