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Authorities should have learned from last year’s storm

Letter to the Editor:
Due to the heavy rains recently it is hard to comprehend how so much water could cause such destruction in such a short period.
In all my years in Sleeman I have never observed the water backed up to around 5 inches at the highest point of the village lots where I am located.
That is up at least 5 feet from the highest level that the creek channel has evey previously reached.
In the drainage system there is definitely an observation a person could be positive of the final outcome. When the flow is impeded to the point of practically nil, one would think or should that the obstruction should be removed, any one with a little authority should be able to exercise that and expedite the same.
Due to the cleaning process of the project known as the Engebretsen drain, it has left an awful amount of debris along the 3 mile stretch that was worked on.
Last July we had a large amount of rain that created flooding problems and wash outs. The aftermath left large amounts of debris piled up in front of the 3-6 ft culverts under the railroad bed as well as 3 smaller culverts about 30 ft. north of the R.R.; culverts on municipal property.
Nothing was done to clear much of the debris away.
Last fall or early this spring would have been an ideal time to have extracted that material from around the entrance to the culverts.
With the torrential rains we had, it was a set up for a disaster and no one seems to be held accountable. They just go along with the attitude that “it was unpreventible.”
To me it would seem no one is capable of being held responsible but after the July rains last year, it would have been the appropriate time to have had some one with authority and of course knowledge to approve of the clean up before making the final payment to the contractor.
If it wasn’t for the C.N. cleaning the blockage the entrances to the culverts it is hard to say what the final outcome would have been. No help from the actual creators of the blockage and no one seems to have the morale fibre to see that the system was clear so the flow was not impeded.
It was a relief seeing the water starting to recede. Not before I lost the deep freeze & contents and a lot of other things & the clean up.
There are occasions where nothing can be done and that would be easier to take. Even the insurance companies are trying to; and are getting out of water damage due to flooding etc.
A person’s thoughts swirl around like the water exiting out of the cleared culverts on its journey to the future. Thanks to the editor for space.
–Jack Rattigan,
Sleeman, Ont.