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Really great support for tree project!

Dear Editor:
WOW! What a great turnout! We had a Tree Planting Party at Riverview School and had a fantastic group of volunteers. In approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours we dug holes, planted over 30 good sized trees, carried water and soil across the school yard, built a beautiful flower box with shrubs in, moved a huge pile of topsoil and helped cement a swing in.
Names are too numerous to mention so I would like to send a big Bouquet to the 42 adults (parents and staff), 18 student workers ages ranging from 7 - 17, and another 25 youngsters running around helping and playing, anxiously awaiting the marshmallow roast that was to follow.
It was wonderful to see everyone chipping in, laughing, visiting and having fun and of course working hard. It is nice to live in a town with such great volunteers.
Thanks to Eileen Hawkins from Beaver Mills for donating the watering pails, Mac Squires representing Tree Canada from Thunder Bay for being present and Ken Johnston for the good newspaper coverage. Also if it wasn’t for the Tree Canada Foundation and Shell Environmental Fund awarding us this money, this Tree Planting Bee wouldn’t have been possible.
–Rosemary Tetu
Project Coordinator