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Town slow on the draw on Friday’s flooding

Haven’t we had enough?
I have and I wish there was some way to make Mother Nature realize that.
Friday morning when I saw the water around my house I felt like screaming “Okay Mother Nature, you win!”
The first time torrential rains came we all shrugged and said, “Oh well, not much we can do.”
Then it happened again. Stress levels began to tax; even though the town was there to pump the water over the dike.
Then on Friday we were hit again and this time no one was there to pump the water over the dike until 8 a.m. Water kept coming from the north through the twilight hours and the dike kept backing it up.
Basements filled up again and pumps worked over time. Fortunately the power stayed on and people were able to run their pumps.
When the town finally had its employees at the water front they quickly dug a trench through the dike and the road underneath to let the backed up runoff out. In a matter of less than 30 minutes the water drained away.
Perhaps if the town had acted more quickly the flooding of people’s yards and basements would not have been as bad.
The flooding of the lower side of Rainy River was enough fray my remaining nerves and the town taking its time to react just compounded that stress. The trouble is there is really nothing we can do about Mother Nature’s wrath.
But we can make sure that should another storm hit that our town reacts as quickly as possible.

–Until then,