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Be sure to thank the volunteers that made Railroad Daze fun!

All aboard!!!

The 15th Annual Railroad Daze Festival is set to chug into full speed starting tomorrow!

The committee comprised of Monique Gall, Crystal Lindal, and Terri-Anne Lundgren have done a dynamite job of putting together what I can only say is the best schedule of events in more than five years.

There are the traditional events like the ever popular parade, the dances and the ball tournament. But on top of that there are all kinds of new things like the various contests being sponsored by local businesses.

There is also some events returning to the fold after several years away. Events like the monster bingo that will send someone home a thousand dollars richer.

The efforts of this year’s committee deserve a great deal of credit.

Also deserving kudos are the countless volunteers that run the events making up the schedule. They work very hard to put together entertainment, great food and much, much more.

So this weekend when you attend an event be sure to say thanks to those people. Without them Railroad Daze would be nothing more than a memory.
–Until then,