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Fire dept. did a great job on this year’s fireworks display

What a way to end Railroad Daze 2002! The fireworks were awesome this year and it was sure nice to have them on Railroad Daze with so many people around.
The Rainy River Fire Department deserves a great deal of credit for the fine job they did lighting off the display.
For many years they had a lot of delay between bursts and the show dragged out. But this year they had everything ready to light up the sky in rocketing fashion.
Everyone that I talked to said this year the show was either awesome or very beautiful.
Loud cheers came from the crowds assembled on the big dock and in the park as some of the spectacular bursts went off and were immediately followed by more great ones.
The community raised nearly $1,000 to improve the show and it definitely showed this year.
Efforts are already underway to raise money for a bigger and better show next year.
I can hardly wait!
The other thing that was nice about it was the fact that it was on Railroad Daze; a weekend that is filled with fun for the entire family. I have heard many times in the past that perhaps Canada Day activities should be combined with Railroad Daze. At least once maybe even twice before there has been fireworks from July 1st on Railroad Daze due to bad weather. Maybe we should look at having them on Railroad Daze every year!
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