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Boshcoff thankful for experience of serving the riding

Dear Editor,
Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of Fort Frances and the Rainy River district for the honour of serving them as their Federal Member of Parliament for the past 4 1⁄2 years. I offer my congratulations to Mr. Rafferty and have now completed the transfer of office equipment for his use.
It has been a privilege to work alongside the many caring people whose passion and commitment is to seeing the Northwest thrive and move forward economically.
As a member of various teams working toward these goals, I hope that my contribution was positive and helpful. When I think back over the colossal number of projects that I have been a part of it does my heart good to know that so many dedicated community leaders are giving their time and energy every single day.
I remain hopeful for our future and trust that all will keep their belief and faith in the Northwest as a premier place in which to work and live.
Over my years in federal office, my staff and I have been able to help thousands of people. My staff were of the highest calibre, and saw to it that the people in our community were helped in their respective areas of need. Anyone who has had the occasion to be assisted by my team can attest that they set a very high standard in public service. Thank you to Wanda Botsford working in my Rainy River district office for her extraordinary devotion to the community.
Hopefully some of the work I have begun through the forestry report, my “Buy Canada” motion, on food safety and northern development will be carried on in the House of Commons. I noticed yesterday that the CEP called on the Federal Government to implement the measures I had had passed unanimously last spring. These will bring the Federal government to the plate and will help local workers directly.
I have given my whole life to the Northwest and am very thankful for having been able to serve you over the years. When I count the number of new friends I have made I am even more inspired!
My commitment to the Northwest will continue on as strongly as ever and again, I thank you for the great honour of being your representative.

–Respectfully submitted,
Ken Boshcoff
Former MP
Thunder Bay-Rainy River