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Sad to see such a small crowd

To the Parents of Rainy River and Area !!
I was at a KidSports fund raiser on Sunday, Nov 16th at the Rainy River Rec. Centre.
It was sad to see such a small crowd.
The organizers put in a lot of time and effort into this event, so “YOUR” Kids will have something to do, something fun, something exciting, and to meet new friends. It was a great supper and entertainment.
So next time these people put in a lot of time and effort into raising money for “YOUR” Kids to play sports get off your BUTTS and support them.
I would like to say THANK YOU. My hat goes off to these people for keeping kids active and being involved in our community- YOUR Community—these people are what makes a Town survive – our Town !!!
Vaughn Murray
Rainy River