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It was pure hell without the fire

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary that I am sure many people would like to forget but will never forget.
July 31, 2001 tornados touched down in Morson and near Emo. They picked up house boats like they were made of paper in Morson, broke telephone polls like they were toothpicks and ripped off roofs on farms near Emo.
For those who experienced it first hand the horror had to be hard to live with. For those who lost property in the twisters, the rebuilding must have also been tough to live with.
But that was only the beginning. Following a day of shock from the tornados, the rain started to come and did not relent until all the roads leading to Morson and all the communities of the area were flooded out.
Simply put, “It was pure hell without the fire.”
Thankfully no one was killed by the ravages of Mother Nature at her worst. But the scars of those memories will haunt many of us forever.
So tomorrow, take some time to reflect on those memories and take time to be thankful for being alive and pray that it does not happen again... ever.
–Until then,