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A great job!

Editor’s Note: We received this letter with regard to the WW II Feature written by RRHS student Deidre Wilson last year on Warrant Officer Second Class William James Arnold. If you would like to read the story please enter this link in your internet browser

Dear Deidre,
I was stunned when my daughter gave me a copy off the internet of your eulogy of my “young” brother. Anyone I kept in touch with in RR is no longer there so I was amazed when and how you got the info. on Billie’s life. You did a very in depth job (well put together).
For your information, after he enlisted in ‘41, he came home in uniform to accept the “Eddie Grimshaw” memorial cup for the best all-round sportsman of the year on July 1st. E.G. had been killed in a car accident before the war. The cup had disappeared and Bill never did get it.
My two bros went overseas a few months apart (Tom in the railroad corps in England and then Europe). While in England my bros. met several times and Bill took Tom up at Harragate on short hops (practise). I think Raymond Galipeau (Fifth St.) went up with them once.
Tom passed away in Winnipeg at the age of 82.
Any leaves Bill got usually were spent with Mrs. Early and family in Edinburgh, Scotland (A sister of Mr. Bill Morrison (a railroader who lived on Second St. in RR). I think R. Milliard lived there when I moved back to RR. I was fortunate to be visiting my parents when Mrs. Early visited the Morrisons six years after the war. She was a lovely lady!
Once again I must thank you for all your effort. You did a super job! Should I know your parents or grandparents? I am 88.
At the Legion we always say “Lest we forget.”
Ida Mae Hanna,
Thunder Bay, Ont.