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Welcome home railroaders!

It was the best news I have heard in a long time!
That was how I felt Monday afternoon when CNR confirmed that it will begin switching train crews in Rainy River this Friday.
While the rumour mill has been churning out the word that this was going to happen for a few weeks now, no one thought it would happen this soon.
Rainy River owes the local railroaders a great deal of thanks for sticking it out here. Most did not move from Rainy River to Fort Frances but chose to commute.
That was extremely positive for Rainy River, helping to keep the town alive. Now that they will be working out of Rainy River again, that solidifies the community’s future.
With this positive news we can now forge ahead knowing we have some security to fall back on. Hopefully efforts to further enhance our tourism industry and other industrial projects will continue to help diversify our economy.
While few have left, I would still like to say, “Welcome home railroaders!”
–Until then,