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Rainy River has some of the highest taxes

Letter to the Editor,
Further to the letter last week that I sent in regarding commercial taxes, I figured I’d let the 866 or so people living here know some interesting numbers regarding their residential taxes.
Out of 37 municipalities in Ontario that I’ve collected tax rates from. Rainy River ranks second highest in the Residential and Commercial groups.
We must be receiving some pretty outstanding services in this town? How is it we’re paying 1.600289% of our assessed MPAC value and Toronto is only paying .8528434% for residential? Don’t let these numbers scare you though, at least Oshawa pays more residential taxes (1.709235), and Stratford more commercial (4.708146 vs. Rainy’s 4.315427).
Please understand that all of my numbers are before any adjustments are made for capping. Come on Rainy River, enough is enough.
Anyone interested in a copy of my numbers, I will gladly give you a copy. All the numbers are easily available on the internet, if that’s easier. Either way, I’m trying to send out a message to those willing to listen.
–Rob Cooper,
The Road Runner Motel