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I agree, business taxes are to high in RR

Letter to the Editor
Hurray! Thank you, Rob Cooper for your letter.
I, too have commercial property in Rainy River. I’m currently living out of province because earning a living dictates such. I intended to move back to Rainy River to run my restaurant business and semi-retire. To my shock, because I was not the one receiving the tax notices, I discovered too late that my taxes were raised for the Laundromat from less than $2,000 per year to almost $4,500 a year.
When I was running the Laundromat, grossing $2,000 per month was considered a good month. By the time overhead expenses were taken out from this amount, I was left with less than $800 per month clear and less in the cold months. Half of this balance left has to be spent for property taxes. So the laundromat shows a huge profit of $400 for the month.
Doesn’t seem to be much of a reason to be in business does it! And I know I’m not the only one! How can small businesses in small towns possibly exist?!?
–Monica Pigeon (Nelson)
Fort McMurray, AB