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Empty promises from the NDP for NWO

Letter to the Editor,

I recently read a sobering article in which the federal NDP alleged that the Harper government favours Conservative-held ridings for funding allocated to the construction of new First Nations schools. Grievous as this situation is for those communities in need, it’s also another illustration of the incapacity of our NDP representation to achieve results, act consistently, or hold the Conservatives accountable.
Typically, New Demagogue MP Charlie Angus is leading his caucus’ charge on this issue, with nothing more than impotent fury and toothless bulldogging in his arsenal. This is due to the fact that our dearly beloved NDP has not, and will never amass the seat numbers to grow to more than a fly on the Ottawa elephant’s back.
Recognizing this, the party has taken to running an ongoing PR-war, rewriting history to attack the reputations of their competition and cherry-picking issues which present comfy political vehicles. But truth revealed, even Jack Layton’s impassionate lip-service translates to little more than an orange tricycle back-peddling on a freeway when it comes to achieving objectives for the public. Factor in the vast awareness most of Canada has of Northwestern Ontario’s unique needs, and our tricycle is headed on an even longer journey, uphill, with a flat tire, should the NDP wish to achieve any results for our region.
Indeed, Northern Ontario, you chose the tricycle over that shiny red hybrid, and yet you’re surprised when the big blue Hummer leaves you in its dust. But that’s okay. The time it should take to catch up will allow us to reflect on all of the NDP’s major ‘accomplishments’, like their record on First Nations’ issues.
Rewind to November 2005 – the NDP voted to defeat the Liberal government of Paul Martin, along with the historic Kelowna Accord negotiated by the Liberals. The Accord sought to improve education, employment, and living conditions for Aboriginal peoples, with $5 billion in funding over 10 years. It was strictly abandoned by the Harper Conservatives after taking office, despite outcry by Canada’s First Nations.
As you can see, time and time again, it would seem that all Northwestern Ontario can expect from the NDP is representation that jumps at the chance to make headlines, not progress, bemoaning issues for political gains – not for much ability to remedy them or even to act consistently.
Rafferty and friends know that their last-place status in the Commons and zero-representation in the Senate declaws any chance they will ever have of posing a serious threat to the Harper Conservatives. Regrettably, our system allows this party to continually promise the moon and the stars, because, unlike the realistic candidates for positions of power, Team Layton will always be relegated to the inconsequential role of House henpecking. Their continued bridge-burning with the other Opposition parties does nothing to stratify their position, which essentially compromises our position as constituents.
Consider this due notice, voters – the NDP’s perpetual pot-stirring will only ever return an empty ladle to the Northwest. Constituents deserve a full-serving better than this bovine baloney.
Douglas W. Judson
Emo, ON