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It makes sense to lower the business taxes

Letter to the editor,

To the town’s people of Rainy River.
Here are my numbers starting from 2005 when I did not own The Road Runner Motel.
In 2006 taxes rose by $746.10, in 2007 they rose by $605.21, in 2008 they rose an additional $736.24. Please note that the 2005 to 2006 assessments were different so maybe I really shouldn’t include them. These are all bottom line numbers.
Brent is absolutely correct in his numbers, noted above, you can see my level of frustration rising each year. I understand that it takes a certain amount of money to run a town, but to me it is all about economics, and simple math.
Here’s my equation, and I’d like to see it argued, especially in Rainy River. But first how I came to my theory. Rainy River has seen nothing but business closures in in the last two years. Doesn’t it make sense to lower the commercial tax rates to attract new business to locate here.
Why would any new business want to set up here? Maybe because the Town pamphlet states that Rainy River is a bustling centre for trade? LOL...Sure Rainy River has low assessed values, heck my value dropped by 12% this year.
But anyway here’s my equation. My equation is with Rainy River’s low property values, add on low taxes, add on low utilities, subtract for the low crime rate, add on the available workforce then divide by the number of new business attracted.What do you come up with? More business in town, more residents in town and a true bustling trade centre. All that equals out to higher revenue and a larger tax base to draw taxes from which equals a better community.
All I’m trying to say is maybe take a lesson from the US and Canadian governments, pump some money in, take a chance, get people working again. The first thing that needs to be done, is to make Rainy River a destination, not the end of the road that it is now. Lowering taxes is the first step. I hope the Town’s people understand my concerns.
-Rob Cooper,
The Road Runner Motel