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Upset over flag policy

Letter to the Editor,

At the dominion convention in June a resolution was passed stating that the Canadian flag and the Union Jack should not be dipped during the ceremonies of remembrance and the Legion banner be dipped!
Those men and women did not die for the Legion, but for the country. There seemed to have been no objections?
My question, will the Armed Forces, Government establishments and other Commonwealth countries dip their Flags or is this just a Legion initiation?
What will happen when we parade with our American comrades, or our own Armed Forces? I disagree with this resolution by the Legion and intend to do something about it.
–Terry Cooper,
Rainy River

God and the warrior all men adore
In times of danger, and not before
When the danger is past, and all things righted
God is forgotten and the old warrior slighted
(As printed in the Legion Magazine a few years ago)