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Reaffirm your resolve to defend our freedom

Tomorrow will mark the first anniversary of date that I am sure none of us will forget for a very long time.
9-11 captured all the world’s attention as terrorists slammed passenger planes full of innocent people into buildings filled with innocent people.
Thousands of lives were lost in the name of terrorism. It left us all asking why people would do this?
Websters Dictionary defines terror in the following way:
Terror: n. extreme fear; violent dread; one or that which causes terror. -ization: n. -ize v.t. to fill with terror; to rule by intimidation. -izer n. -ism n. mass organized ruthlessness. -ist n. one who rules by terror.
I am sure the goal of those perpetrators that drove those planes into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon was to create terror and intimidate the free world. But all it has done has reentrenched our beliefs in a free and democratic society.
Instead of living in fear we have redoubled our efforts to protect that freedom. We have continued to play a role in the world as policemen and have continued to vow to maintain our free and open border with the United States.
If anything the terrorists have pushed us to get in their faces and let them know that their behaviour will not be tolerated. The actions of the few can often adversely affect the many. While they did affect us all, they did not serve to bring us down but instead awoke sleeping dogs that in the past century have proven they will defend the free world no matter what the cost.
So this September 11th take time to remember those who were taken from us in the name of freedom as though they were war heroes. Take time to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and take time to reaffirm your allegiance to defending Canada and the rest of the free world.
–Until then,