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Roadside test for marijuana use needed

Dear Sir,
Canadians are being asked to pass judgement on the Senate Committee’s recommendations to legalize marijuana without full consideration being given to the fact that there are no known “roadside” tests that law enforcement officers can use at the present time to determine whether a driver is handicapped by this substance as is the case with alcohol.
Until those tools are provided this proposal is “premature”. Proponents of legalization will not raise it. Those opposing it may well have other bases of disagreement.
The challenge being made here is that the media take a practical look of the effect of those sixteen and older having unlimited access to a mood modifier that may create as much carnage on the highways as would unregulated use of alcohol.
Years ago, they didn’t have the .08 (blood/alcohol) level to work with either, but they worked at it and it became accepted.
There has got to be a way, or someone should come up with a way, of testing marijuana levels that can be proven in court.
Guilty until proven innocent must be the norm applied to full acceptance of a new intoxicant into our society.
As yet this aspect of its effect has not been considered.
Sincerely Yours,
Jack Davies
Tillsonburg, Ontario