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Getting ready to take issue to Ministry of Education

Dear Editor,
On May 6, 2009 we will suspend the on line petition located at and prepare our package of information to be submitted to the Minister of Education. I would like to thank all the individuals who have come forward and volunteered their time and energy in circulating this petition to those without email. These individuals are from every community in our District and in my opinion, reflect the sentiment of the majority with regard to the Rainy River District School Board’s lack of transparency, accountability and accessibility to its constituents.
We realize that being a member of a Board is not an easy task and commend those that serve. However, the School Board consists of elected Trustees who also receive compensation from their constituents, via the Ministry. Therefore, they should diligently undertake their fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the residents of the Rainy River District and provide effective oversight and accountability for our schools, staff, students, funds; the entire framework that consists of the education system in our district.
If you are concerned about this issue, please go to to register your support before May 6, 2009.
–Thank you,
David Kircher