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Ambush nothing to be proud of

Hi there Ken:
Always enjoy your comments.
Regarding the Big Bear Being Shot story. What a hero. Nothing like sitting by a bait station where the smell draws some poor lumbering bear in so close you could almost hit it with a stick.
An ambush like that is nothing to be proud of.
How much more rewarding to sit quietly; watch the beautiful creature shuffle into veiw; and photograph it in all its shiny fur coat. But no. It is so much more the pathetic ‘hunter’ to put eight bullets into it so that the gloating can occur, not to mention the wasting of the meat.
There is NO hero in this story, perhaps the bear who managed to elude such pathetic skulking killers. One certainly can’t call them hunters, especially when the quarry is decoyed to the muzzle of the gun.
J. Graham Ducker,
Oshawa, Ont.