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In favour of legalizing pot

Dear Editor
In response to Jack Davies 9/10 letter titled “NO CONTROLS FOR POT”, I would like to respond to his concerns. First let me agree with him that I do believe that 16 is too young to have unfettered access to Marijuana. The human brain is still developing at that age and should be encouraged towards abstinence.
I do, however, disagree with the idea that legalization will be adding “a new intoxicant into society”. Anyone who wants to use Marijuana already does, and we need to figure out how to reduce the harm done by that usage. Currently, that vast majority of the harm caused by using Marijuana is directly related to its legal stature. As for the harm caused by driving under the influence, I do agree that better tests need be developed to test for all kinds of legal and illegal impairment.
However, that is no reason not to move foreword with the process of legalization. These issues can be worked out. Impaired driving should be illegal no matter the cause.
Until then, consider this, a 1993 US Department of Transportation study found that in regards to driving performance, “Of the many psychoactive drugs, licit and illicit, that are available and used by people who subsequently drive, marijuana may well be among the least harmful.” Canada, keep up the good work and continue leading the way to more rational and more effective drug laws.
–Jason Marrs
Ossining, NY