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You want local, support local

Last year Rainy River saw the return of Railroad Daze. People were glad to see it return and the committee has been working hard to make it what it once was... the best local event of the year!
While the committee has been busy pushing for local groups to participate in the event and for local people to support the event, it seems one local group has been kicked while it itself is down.
The small businesses of Rainy River have been struggling to survive for a number of years and with these even harder economic times it has been even tougher to make ends meet.
Recently the Railroad Daze committee chose to take their t-shirt business south of the border rather than buy from a local source.
Just last week they again chose to take the printing of a promotional brochure to a company out of Rainy River. The Record was the losing competitor in that bid, despite the fact that it was our staff member that worked hand in hand to sculpt what the brochure was going to look like. The committee argued they could save money; all of about $200.
Meanwhile town council recently gave the Railroad Daze committee $2,000 of the taxpayers money to help with the event's costs.
Local businesses were asked to support the brochure by purchasing advertising on it. Surely it was not the intent of town council or the local businesses to send as much of their money out of Rainy River as possible.
Many of the businesses in Rainy River give unendingly to community events, trying to make our community stronger. Sure the committee saved a bit of money but at what cost? When local businesses close up, who will support their local events then? Out of town companies?
It appears the Railroad Daze committee is talking the talk but now walking the walk. Local on one hand, out of town on the other. Sounds like they missed the train.