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We have always tried to buy local when we can

Dear Editor
I was once again sadly disappointed in the Record’s inaccurate reporting about Railroad Daze monies being spent locally. As a member of this committee I know we have always tried to buy local when we can.
For our spaghetti supper all supplies were bought at the local grocery store, supplies for our canteen are largely bought there too, along with all the baked goods (buns etc..) from the local bakery. The advertising money we spend at the Rainy River Record and the Westend Weekly is a huge chunk of our budget. We hire local bands, we buy our alcohol at the local liquor store, prizes are purchased locally, and venues are all in use. We always look here first. The brochure is a small part of our budget but we were trying to be fiscally responsible with the monies we received. It was decided that since we spend so much money advertising with your paper that it would be OK to save the $300 and get them printed at another business.
The Railroad Daze Committee is largely a committee of volunteers trying to make this town, Rainy River, a great place to live. Over the last five years that I have lived here I have seen this town come alive. I am busy almost every night of the week attending one event or another. I love living here.
Railroad Daze has once again become a festival Rainy River can be proud of. We work hard and have fun creating a strong sense of community.
I hope to see everyone out at the exciting events that have been planned for the upcoming year!

–Rebecca Tolen,
Secretary-Railroad Daze Committee