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A good laugh over low taxes promo

Letter to the editor,

I’ve just finished reading the local news on June 9th. I had a good laugh regarding the article “Town gets good news marketing tool from consultant”
My laugh came after reading the portion regarding industrial taxes. “You have lower industrial taxes than South Eastern Manitoba, Mississauga, Ontario and Northwest Minnesota,” said Drysdale pointing to the AMR where it shows Rainy River’s average industrial tax rates to be $0.91 per square foot. The others noted range from $1.05-$1.09 per square foot. Isn’t it funny that Brent Anderson made it clear that I was not doing a fair comparison on business taxes? (See the February 24th 2009 article “Town says RR taxes are competitive in this region.”)
What do you call this? The only Ontario City listed is Mississauga. At least I didn’t go outside the province and country! Another thing that made me wonder...what Industrial is there in Rainy River???? So what difference does it make. I don’t see any industrial business knocking on the door...
My next gut buster was...”The AMR also said Rainy River has a good location in relation to Highway 11 and the CN railway. “We have a highway that is under used here.” Guess who got burnt when CN pulled out of Rainy River before I purchased the motel, that was never revealed to me???
I’d like to see some comment from Tannis Drysdale on business taxes. How convenient that was left out or not mentioned. Hoping to see a minimum 11.5% reduction in my taxes this year, until then I’ll sit and wait.
–Rob Cooper
The Road Runner Motel