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Yet another great show!

While most people were catching a great time at the fourth annual RRWT I managed to come down with a really bad cold.
Despite that ill feeling and the cold weather, I still managed to really enjoy the tournament.
Every year hundreds if not thousands of volunteer hours come together to put on the biggest show of the year in the Rainy River area and this year was no exception.
Everyone from the committee to the volunteers that help put up the tent, man the beer gardens, work the release tanks, etc, deserves a huge round of kudos.
Every year it never ceases to amaze me how everyone gets so pumped for the tournament.
One would think that with the event being much the same format each year, that it would start to wain after four years. But it didn’t this year with the largest crowd on hand for the final weigh-ins yet.
I estimate that there were about 1,000 people in the tent and from my vantage point on the stage during the final five boat parade, I did not think people would be able to move out of the way for the incoming boats and anglers. It just looked like every square inch of space was filled by a fan.
And what would the tournament be without the great excitement the anglers created for us. Teams like the champs, Jarvis and Jarvis, Hartnell and Morrison and Leefe and Armstrong kept us all guessing who would win right to the very last fish was weighed.
Now that it is over all that is left is the memories that I am sure will translate into fish stories that are THIS BIG!
Thanks for another great year committee members, volunteers and the anglers! See ya next year!
–Until then,