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Decorating season arrives!

I had a bit of a ghostly dilemma over the weekend.
Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks and then Halloween follows shortly thereafter. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to decorate for the season, but the question came to mind... “Should Halloween decorations go up before Thanksgiving has passed?”
I hummed and hawed and then decided to put both occasions decorations up in the windows.
To me, it marks the end of summer and the beginning of winter. I started putting things away for the winter like the screen door on the patio. I moved some planters to the back yard to be dug up and stowed for the cold months ahead.
This weekend I will likely put away the deck furniture and strip the cushions from the screen porch furniture.
Once everything is away for the winter the next big celebration is Christmas! I can’t wait! As a kid it was the anticipation of great presents. Now as an adult I look forward to the decorating frenzy the comes with the season.
I am not sure how big of a display I will put on this year. I guess that depends on whether predictions of sky high electricity prices come true.
One thing is for sure the decorating season is definitely here and for the next couple of months it will be fun!
–Until then,