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Rainy River isn't safe anymore

Letter to the editor,

Well here I go again....this time not about taxes or water or anything of that sort. This is far worse. After witnessing an assult by a male at my establishment over the weekend, a call was made to 911 for assistance. Unfortunately by the time the OPP had arrived (almost and hour later) 3 others, including my business partner and myself had also been physically assaulted by this man. My partner now has to try to run the motel with the injuries she has had inflicted upon her, all because the town has limited to no police presense 24 hours a day. My business has aquired thousands of dollars in damages from this incident. Just so everyone knows, this is the second time my business has been damaged in a matter of months, the first time to the tune of close to $5000. Guess who’s on the hook?
On Monday afternoon and from what I’ve been told, almost any weekday, there is a police presense in town. I guess weekdays are times of higher crime rates in Rainy River....pffft. I’m pleading with the Town now, what is it going to take bloodshed...possibly something far worse? Before the town feels the need to have a police presence close by on the weekend. We no longer feel safe in this town, I hope this answers the question that I’ve heard, questioning us as to why we feel the need to close our doors at 10pm.
-Rob Cooper
The Road Runner Motel