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Looking for Longhursts

Dear Editor,
Can you help me,please?
I am having considerable difficulty trying to find any descendants of a Frank Longhurst who settled in Rainy River near the beginning of the 1900s.
Are there any Longhursts now living in Rainy River and if so how best would it be for me to contact them? As far as I can ascertain he would have been living in Rainy River or there abouts when your paper was first published.
I believe he may have married a Canadian girl and had a family.He may have joined the Canadian Army. He did not serve in any of the overseas echelons as far as I know.
He would have emigrated from Britain to Canada before World War 1.
He was in Winnipeg for a period before going to Rainy River. Frank was my half uncle-a son from my grandfather’s first marriage-my late mother (a Longhurst) was a half sister from the second marriage.
He was born into a family of brewers-his grandfather owned or leased 14 pubs in Brighton- England. As he would have been low in the pecking order, without doubt there would have been few if any opportunities for him to be employed within the company.
What his trade would have been I do not know.
Where,when and how he died are unknown.
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Roger Anderson.
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P.S. I live in a seaside suburb of Auckland with easy bridge access to Downtown Auckland. I have visited the eastern seaboard of Canada on three occasions meeting very friendly and most helpful people.
Thank you again for your kindness, Roger Anderson.