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Great support for Rec. projects

Dear Editor

Once again I would like to thank our local businesses, organizations and community people for all of their generous donations in the past. Our table & chair fund raising is completed. Thanks to Rose Tetu for the Sponsor Board. Be sure to check it out the next time that you are at the Centre.

As you know, the youth in our country are being encouraged to become more active. We, the recreation board are trying to make this happen by offering free public skating and shinny during this winter season.

We are asking for help from local businesses, organizations and community people to sponsor the shinny and public skating. Each hour will cost $75.00. Your contributions will be acknowledged through signage as you walk in the arena and through our local newspaper. With your help we can provide healthy activity for the children of our area to participate in.

Thank you for your donation. Checks may be dropped off at the centre or mailed to Box 252.


Deb Wagner

Fund raising Chairman

Rainy River Recreation Board