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Bigger pumpkins than New Zealand

–Roger Anderson,
New Zealand

The Editor- Mr Ken Johnston,
Thank you for printing my letter re Frank Longhurst.
I had one hit but it was a query as to whether he had changed his surname which I do not think he did.
I was most interested to read about the annual pumpkin competition. We have them in NZ but not to the same extent of interest as your area has.
The record weight for 1998(the latest figure I can find )was 559lbs well short of your 729. I believe the heaviest weight for this year is over 1100lbs a world record. Can they get any heavier?
We do not pursue Halloween to the same extent as they appear to do in your part of the world although there is more interest than previously mainly boosted through sales of masks,etc from retail stores. Carved pumpkins are few and far between. Teddy Bear picnics are more popular drawing large crowds.
Once again a big thank you.