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Sad to see such poor turnout at Legion Ladies Poppy Tea

Dear Editor
I would appreciate the opportunity through your paper to scold the good people of the Rainy River District.
Where were you all on Sunday afternoon Nov 3rd from 2 to 4 p.m.
Could you not spare about 20 mins and $2.00 to attend and support the Legion Ladies Poppy Tea?
May I remind you all that if it wasn’t for the Legion, would we have our beautiful hospital? Would we have all our sports events with players all in the same uniforms? Would we have play ground structures...and I could go on & on.
I was there and felt very sad to see such a poor turnout.
Maybe the Legion, will in the future, just forget about us and build up their own bank account. Think, about it.
Yours truly
Dorothy Markusson