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Halloween treats please!

Oh to be a kid again!
Thursday was Halloween and again this year my Mom put on a show that tickled many kid’s funny bones and frightened many others.
For more than 20 years she has been spooking and grossing out kids on Halloween, giving them usually more trick than treat!
I have been helping with the show for most of the past 14 years and it is really interesting to see the parents who used to be kids that attended Mom’s annual show, return with the next generation of trick or treaters.
A couple of months ago I started seeing a lady who has two children. I told them about the show that Mom does and they felt they couldn’t miss it. They came over and were happy they did.
Afterwards I had the opportunity to experience another aspect of Halloween that I had all but forgotten about.
While her youngest was in costume, he was reaching the end of his batteries when we left my parents. So while his mom waited in the car, her daughter and I went trick or treating at several homes in Rainy River and Baudette.
By the end of the treat run, I was feeling like a little kid again. It was really fun and a part of me wished I could be ten years old again.
It rekindled many fond memories of trick or treating. Memories of Mrs. Clara Marr making candy apples for the first 100 kids every year. Or going to the Gaiety Theatre in costume and actually winning a prize. They used to have two shows... one for country kids and one for town kids.
I also remember filling many a pillow case with treats, which was a lot easier in those days. All the candy was regular size... not the miniatures put out today.
–Until then,