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Forever remembered

Can you imagine sacrificing your life to save a loved one?
For many people they would not think twice giving their life to save someone they love, and for some it is a difficult choice.
But imagine giving your life to save the lives of people you do not know. It is the stuff that heroes are made of and it is the stuff our forefathers were made of when they gave the supreme sacrifice during WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, and in Afghanistan this past year.
Life is so precious and with that is priceless. To give that up speaks volumes about what we are as a people.
One of the clergy at the RR Remembrance Day services said, “if one person is oppressed, we are all oppressed.”
Oppression has lead to many deaths and the suffering of millions of people by the very people that we feel should be protecting us; their leaders.
For that very reason, the free world has stood up against those bullies which have made so many suffer. Freely we have sent our sons and now daughters into harms way to stop the oppression.
Another clergy prayed for peace at the service, asking God to strengthen us so that we may some day build a world where there is only peace.
While we pause once a year to remember those who gave so much for us, we enjoy the benefits they won for us every day of the week, every week of the year.
In a way our living freely and offering to defend freedom around the world, is in effect a way of remembering them always.
–Until then,