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Can’t we just find peace?

I think that war with Iraq is going to be inevitable.
My gut feeling is that the weapons inspectors now on the ground in Iraq are nothing more than window dressing for a more serious intention by President Bush and his administration.
The scary part of the entire situation is I believe we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
Iraq has been known to harbour the very terrorists that have changed our world. They have also proven that they have manufactured biological and chemical weapons in the past. In fact they have even used them on their own people (the Kurds).
While I do not feel attacking Iraq is a good thing, I do not think that sitting by and allowing Saddam Hussein to continue to develop weapons that could very well find there way to us over here in North America is not good either.
Often I have looked back to the Gulf War of the early 90s and wished George Bush Sr. had taken Hussein out then.
Now we are left with a dilemma; a dilemma that will surely cost lives.
Why is it that man kind can not find a way to live in peace. It seems that every other decade or so another evil man comes to power somewhere on the planet and threatens world peace.
It is really sad that we have to resort to violence to stop them; but if we don’t they could very well resort to violence to further their causes beyond their own borders.
Something has to be done to stop this seemingly never ending cycle of evil, war and tremendous human cost.
–Until then,