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Gun registry should be rescinded

Dear Editor,
Terror isn’t found only in countries where extremists groups operate, increasingly Canadians are terrified of gun battles taking place on the streets of our cities.
Raising money in Canada for international terrorist organizations should be a criminal offence, but in certain instances the Government refuses to do so. Those using firearms in the commission of a crime could receive sentences of up to 14 years, but one year, the minimum, is the norm.
At year end $875 million, more than ten times the promised cost of $85 million, will have been spent on a long gun registry that has done nothing to halt the gangs who use unregistered weapons.
The law criminalizing all those who haven’t registered their long guns by January 1st ought to be rescinded. The resources saved by this redirected to apprehending and imprisoning those who are terrorizing and at times killing law abiding citizens in their street battles.
“There ought to be a law!” is something we often hear.
Well, truth be told too often the laws are there already. They’re just not being enforced. And they should be!
Yours truly,
Peter MacKay,
M.P. Pictou-Antigonish-Guysborough