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Perhaps Boxing Day should be renamed

Boxing Day... hmm... is that the day that people strap on the gloves and fight?
Someone asked me last week what Boxing Day is. I could not give them a definitive answer.
Some people believe it is named as such because it is the day that so many people box up unwanted gifts and return them to stores.
However, history has several different versions of why it may be celebrated in England, Australia and Canada as a paid holiday.
One account goes back centuries to the English class system. It was improper for people of lower classes to receive gifts from those in the upper classes. So on Christmas Day the upper class folk would exchange gifts with their equals. Then on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, they would gifts, packaged in boxes, to their servants.
Another theory is that it was traditionally the day the priests busted open the poor box in the church and used the money to help the needy throughout the next year.
While Canadians for the most part take the day off, Americans tend to resume their regular schedule and many of them swarm into stores looking for Boxing Day Bargains.
Whatever the reason for this holiday, It is clear that it is here to stay. But perhaps it should be renamed as Big Meal Recovery Day? Biggest Shopping Day of the Year? Christmas Bonus Holiday? Cry About the Christmas Bills Day?
–Until then,