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Loonie or Greenback?That is the question

Are you loonie over the Loonie?
It seems a great many Canadian business executives across this land aren’t to crazy about the Canadian dollar. In a national poll released Monday nearly half of all business executives interviewed were in favour of abandoning the Canadian dollar. The majority of those thought that adopting the U.S. dollar would be the way to go.
The other half of those who were opposed to giving up the currency were for the most part in favour of retaining it in order to maintain Canadian Independence.
In many cases a single currency among countries would be easier. That has been proven in Europe where the Euro is the common currency. Doing business with tourists would be simplified.
But how would such a change take place? Would Canadians have to make less money than they make now to equalize things? Would their property be worth less to compensate for the devalued Canadian dollar of today?
For instance would a person making $30,000 Canadian have to see their wages reduced to $20,000 U.S. or so? Would a house worth $100,000 Canadian be valued at $50,000 U.S. or so?
How would that affect prices in stores? In many cases now things are considerably cheaper in Canada. Would adopting the U.S. greenback erase that competitive advantage?
As for Canadian Independence, other countries have used the U.S. currency for years and felt little effect on their independence. Changes to the value of the U.S. dollar would affect us the same as the U.S. but that happens now whenever their economy sneezes our Loonie seems to catch the cold.
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