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Station could be a great

Should the town hall be moved? or shouldn’t it?
When we asked that question in our on line poll a few weeks ago the response was overwhelmingly against a move from the old CN Station to the town garage building.
Now council has received funding to renovate the town garage so that it can house the local civil servants.
It seems that controversy just can’t escape the historic and aesthetically pleasing former railway station. When CNR abandoned it the town pursued it and acquired it from CN for a buck.
What to do with it was the question of the day then and now will likely become the question of today as council gets ready to make the move to a new home.
Controversy raged over whether it should house commercial entities. Businesses fought over who should be located in the building.
At one point moving the public library to it was discussed. But that was nixed when the library board expressed their

opposition to such a move.
Council then opted to move to it themselves, hence eliminating that controversy.
Another controversy emerged when the now late Mel Weafer announced his intentions to purchase the building and move it brick by brick to a new location. He had commercial plans for it.
The station is definitely a prime spot for a business to locate. It has character and could very well become an anchor for some good tourist type businesses. But should it sit empty, all the town’s tax dollars used to fix it up would be a great waste.
If the move to the old town garage saves us tax dollars and council has a plan to open the station up to commercial ventures, then by all means.
But if they move and the station sits idle, I would be opposed to the move.
–Until then,