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West Nile devastates owl retreat

Dear Editor,
In reference your column on Birding, I believe that the bird should be called a mourning Dove, not morning. Also, it might be interesting to note that one of the most numerous species of birds in the USA are the Mourning Doves.
Speaking of owls, there was not too much publicity given recently to an article by Katherine McKeever in a newspaper article that all the owls in her owl rehab foundation in the Jordan Valley of Southern Ontario were wiped out by the West Nile Virus. She, to say the least, is devastated and I believe, has closed the centre. What a shame and what foreboding signs of the future to birds in Canada not to say the least for the humans and horses that have already succumbed to this virus.
I read somewhere recently, that the birds being turned in and found to be carriers of the virus are only a very small percentage of those actually succumbing to the virus as they happen to be the ones found in the open and possibly, much larger numbers are hidden in the woods and forests never to be found by anyone.
Thank you for your time,
I remain, G W Woollard
Emo, Ontario