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Each of us has the gift to give, so do your part and read to others

Imagine what life would be like if we could not read or write?
Well that is the case for many, many members of this planet’s population.
Yesterday was World Literacy Day. A day marked to try and promote literacy around the world. People took time out of their busy schedules to read to children while others conducted activities to promote the need for greater literacy.
I was invited to the grade 3 class last Thursday to speak to them about letters to the editor. Each of them wrote me a letter (all of which are published below).
I explained to them that not only did they learn a valuable writing lesson, but their writing helps others to learn about issues of importance.
Some of the letters offered some very good solutions to problems we as a society face.
If no one puts ideas down on paper then often, they are lost, or never realized.
If people were unable to read those ideas chances are most of them would never get realized.
While we take reading and writing for granted, many third world countries think of it as a very special skill that only the “haves” get to learn.
At Christmas time a former Rainy River man’s plight to help educate kids in Guatemala appeared in the Record. Kim Hannam’s personal efforts go above and beyond what most of us are capable of doing. But each and everyone of us that are literate have the ability to give that gift to others.
Whether it is reading to kids at the library or teaching a Sunday School lesson at church. Any time we can read to others we help increase literacy.
So do your part and pick up book and share your skills with others.
–Until then,